March 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019

What Happiness Really Means ?

What does it really mean to be Happy?

To my best understanding, what it really means to be happy is the feeling of satisfaction you get by doing something or by seeing someone you love or eating something you love or listening to your favorite song after a long hectic day at the office while heading back to home. 

Happiness is a very subjective term. 

To a mother, it means seeing her children coming back to home, hugging her, and telling her what happened at the school. 

To a kid, it means eating his favorite chocolate, while playing his favorite game, with his best friends. 

To a father it means, spending time with his wife and kids, going on vacation to a beach, seeing his children grow up and stand on their feet, pursuing their dreams, becoming independent. 

To Grandparents, it means our presence around them and nothing else. Nothing else can bring the kind of happiness they feel than the feeling of being surrounded by their loved once around them. 

To me it means, 
  • Making the perfect Maggie. (With the perfect amount of water.)
  • The smell of Soil when the raindrops hit the ground after a really hot day. 
  • The line, "Code executed with error code 0". (Yes, I'm a Software Developer and nothing can bring this much happiness and satisfaction than this :P)
  • Listening to a song that I loved after years. (Yes, Nostalgia)
  • Listening to a really nice song after a really long day. 
  • Making my special friends feel special, seeing them happy and smiling.
  • Seeing my family feeling proud of me and making them feel more proud of me.
Actually there's no fixed definition of what's called being Happy, it's just special feeling which can be only felt and not put down into words.

It's a contagious, wonderful, awesome, Happy Happy feeling, for which Right now I'm falling short of words.

Let me in the comments below, what you feel about being Happy ?