25 things a man should know in his 20s

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

25 things a man should know in his 20s


Currently, I am 23 and I’ll share something that I have been learning since my early twenties.

Here are 25 things a man should know in his 20s,

1. See you are growing up from a boy to a man, things are now changing in your body, you will feel more masculine but at the same time, you must train your brain and increase wisdom. I have friends who are just living their lives without doing self-improvement. Focus on self-improvement, read non-fiction books, stick to Quora instead of Facebook, Instagram or other social media and follow some great personalities who are following similar goals as yours.

2. Go Find your purpose in life and stick to it religiously. Many guys don’t know how to find their purpose in life. It’s hard to find your purpose in life. But you can pick a hobby that you love doing and figure out a way to monetize it.

3. Keep changing jobs. Learn as many technologies as you can, try as many fields as you can. Experiment until you get the right results. Don't be ashamed. Be wise. Otherwise!

4. Start saving. Spending on show-off is so old school. Spend on the absolutely necessary things. Save every month. Savings doesn't make you rich but it'll make you safe. 

5. Buy a house. This is a little off-beat and kind of hard. However, a lot of people do advise that you should start with your house EMI's before reaching 30. This will help in a better life later. Earlier you start the better. 

6. Try to start your own business. Be self-employed, do work that you love doing.

7. If you are currently working for a company and the job is stable, DO NOT quit until you have your business set up and successfully running.

8. Make friends who have the same mindset as yours. Friends who want to succeed in life, friends who want to be entrepreneurs like you want to be, friends who take life as a challenge or whatever you think life as.

9. Hang around with people who are better than you, So, every time you see them, you have will to improve yourself.

10. Travel, travel, and travel. You'll meet new people, experience so many new things, it'll make you wiser and more open-minded.

11. Maintain your wardrobe, pick clothes that look good on you. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on shirts and pants but make sure that your underwear and shoes come from a trustworthy brand.

12. Stick to the goal (your purpose in life), hit the gym, eat healthily, wear good clothes and women will CHOOSE you. Do something every day that throws you out of your comfort zone.

13. Convince your parents to allow you to live on your own and tell them why do you want to do it and more importantly do it!

14. Challenge people! I don’t mean challenge physically but challenge verbally. For example, if your friend complains about his stressful job, don’t sympathize, challenge him to quit his job and find a new one or start something on his own.

15. Do things that improve your confidence. Maintain eye contact while talking to people, learn open body language, stand tall, dress well, develop a deeper voice.

16. Dress well. Know how to dress to particular events. 20s is the age where you get noticed more because you will be in many different environments and girls will check you out. So, you want yourself dressed everyday like you are out on a date.

17. Gain financial freedom and quit carrying credit cards. Don’t be stuck up in debt. If you don’t have the money to buy the next Iphone, don’t buy it. Period.

18. Develop healthy habits and stick to them. Habits such as early to bed and early to rise, not drinking soda, not eating junk food, etc.

19. Set up standards for yourself! know what you want in your future partner. Do you want her to be tall, curvy, thick, thin, goal oriented, not so goal oriented, whatever. Have your own standards, this helps you to filter out the women that you want and not chase everybody.

20. Get married. Yes. After 30, the life will be dull if you're single. Hairs would have been gone, face would be wrinkled, your 6 pack will be a family pack. Better, get a partner while you are still smart. 

21. Do not chase women! Make yourself the prize and you do this by staying on your purpose and looking good.

22. Learn about dating and relationships. As a man, you should never pick up the idea of relationship. it should always be the woman to bring up the topic of relationship, your job is to hangout, have fun and create opportunities to hook up.

23. Love yourself completely but don’t get too obsessed with yourself.

24. Do not put anyone on the pedestal.

25. Have the ability to live alone. Don’t be a looser looking for a companion or someone to cuddle with. You are a man!

Never settle!



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