15 ways to be Happy in Life

Thursday, August 16, 2018

15 ways to be Happy in Life

Sometimes I’m happy as hell and I’m depressed. But in the end, I’ve realized that living a good life is a lot simpler than people try to make it out to be.

And here are my 
15 ways to be Happy in Life,

1. Sleep 9 Hours a Night

Pretty self-explanatory. You’ll become a better version of yourself, you'll look better, you'll be more productive, and be happier, less likely to suffer from obesity and chronic diseases. Remember, sleep is not a weakness but, a necessity. Get at least 7 hours a night and your life will change.

2. Be Happy Now!

Happiness is a choice (even though we think we have or not otherwise). So stop waiting to be happy and just decide to be instead. You can make the most out of a really terrible situation and learn to find experience and gratitude in the darkest times. Your life is much better than almost 99% of the human beings who lived on this planet before you.

So please be happy now.

3. Create Passive Income ASAP!

It’s about worth 10X working income than your 9-5 job. It gives the ultimate freedom in your life.  If you can build a website, or launch a product or write a book that generates $5,000 a month semi-automatically, your life will surely change.

4. Exercise Everyday

There’s no reason to go without exercise for even a day. You don’t have to go to the gym every day, but you can at least move. You’ll be happier, be more productive. Feel stronger, smarter (literally). 

It takes less than 30 minutes to get your heart a good pump-on and it can add years to your life. Remember, no excuses whatsoever.

5. Prioritize Peace in life > Money (But Money Also)

Money is great to have. But living a peaceful life is much better. Prioritize living a simple life and embrace minimalism. Make money, sure. But don’t make money at the expense of peace from your life.

6. Control consuming too much Sugar

It’s basically empty calories and has no nutritional value in it. A cookie here and there is ok, but the less of this crap you eat, the more you’ll be healthy and more effectively you’ll perform in life.

7. Do whatever you want to do

Life is too short to live for others. So your parents want you to be an Engineer? So what! They don’t have to live your life or sympathize your regrets.

Do what you want to do and remember that life is too short to follow other people’s dreams.

8. Only Take Advice From like-minded people

If someone doesn’t have the life that you want to live or at least a life that you’d want. Don’t take their advice. This includes me. If you want to be a billionaire or a mega-investor and rule the world, then don’t listen to a word I say. If you want to have a life of happiness, financial freedom, and a positive lifestyle, I might have a thing or two to tell you.

9. Travel More, Alone and Longer

You’ll never regret it. It will be the most transformative experience of your life, open your eyes to new ways of living, thinking, and being. 

If you get the opportunity to travel somewhere new, always say “Yes !!!” 
10. Have some Me Only time

Don’t get so caught up doing things, that you forget to make time for yourself.

Think about deep questions, ask yourself what you really want to do in life, figure out innovative solutions to your problems.

Make some time for deep thought and you’ll be amazed at how your life will change.

11. Stop Complaining

It never helps you, it pisses you off. It pisses off the people around you and makes you look less attractive.

Remind me again why you think it’s a good thing to bitch about traffic all the time, again and again, every day?

12. Stop Lying

To your friends, family, and most importantly, to You. Live in truth. Be authentic. Stop making crap up and pretending you’re ok to make other people happy. You can change your life only from a place of truth.

Be honest about your reality, desires, and obstacles and you’ll find that the solutions come easier.

13. Read as much as you Can

Never miss an opportunity to expand your mind and broaden your horizons of thoughts. Read about everything. Science, Psychology, Self-help, Business, History, Biographies, Non-fiction. Everything.

The more you read, the more well rounded you become, the better your life will be.

14. Be Nice with Yourself

You’re the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life. So try being nice with yourself. Watch out for the negative self-talk. Believe in yourself. Treat yourself with a lot of love and respect.

Before you do, or say, or pursue anything, ask yourself, “If a close friend was in this situation, how would I respond or what would I encourage him/her to do?”

15. Be nice to Everyone

Life is too short to yell at the customer support agents over a dispute. That poor girl/boy wasn’t the one who double charged your account, so don’t take it out on her/him.

Life has a funny way of reprimanding/manipulating mean people.

So be nice to people, is it Ok?

Hope this 15 ways to be Happy in Life help to you.