August 2018

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

25 things a man should know in his 20s

Currently, I am 23 and I’ll share something that I have been learning since my early twenties.

Here are 25 things a man should know in his 20s,

1. See you are growing up from a boy to a man, things are now changing in your body, you will feel more masculine but at the same time, you must train your brain and increase wisdom. I have friends who are just living their lives without doing self-improvement. Focus on self-improvement, read non-fiction books, stick to Quora instead of Facebook, Instagram or other social media and follow some great personalities who are following similar goals as yours.

2. Go Find your purpose in life and stick to it religiously. Many guys don’t know how to find their purpose in life. It’s hard to find your purpose in life. But you can pick a hobby that you love doing and figure out a way to monetize it.

3. Keep changing jobs. Learn as many technologies as you can, try as many fields as you can. Experiment until you get the right results. Don't be ashamed. Be wise. Otherwise!

4. Start saving. Spending on show-off is so old school. Spend on the absolutely necessary things. Save every month. Savings doesn't make you rich but it'll make you safe. 

5. Buy a house. This is a little off-beat and kind of hard. However, a lot of people do advise that you should start with your house EMI's before reaching 30. This will help in a better life later. Earlier you start the better. 

6. Try to start your own business. Be self-employed, do work that you love doing.

7. If you are currently working for a company and the job is stable, DO NOT quit until you have your business set up and successfully running.

8. Make friends who have the same mindset as yours. Friends who want to succeed in life, friends who want to be entrepreneurs like you want to be, friends who take life as a challenge or whatever you think life as.

9. Hang around with people who are better than you, So, every time you see them, you have will to improve yourself.

10. Travel, travel, and travel. You'll meet new people, experience so many new things, it'll make you wiser and more open-minded.

11. Maintain your wardrobe, pick clothes that look good on you. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on shirts and pants but make sure that your underwear and shoes come from a trustworthy brand.

12. Stick to the goal (your purpose in life), hit the gym, eat healthily, wear good clothes and women will CHOOSE you. Do something every day that throws you out of your comfort zone.

13. Convince your parents to allow you to live on your own and tell them why do you want to do it and more importantly do it!

14. Challenge people! I don’t mean challenge physically but challenge verbally. For example, if your friend complains about his stressful job, don’t sympathize, challenge him to quit his job and find a new one or start something on his own.

15. Do things that improve your confidence. Maintain eye contact while talking to people, learn open body language, stand tall, dress well, develop a deeper voice.

16. Dress well. Know how to dress to particular events. 20s is the age where you get noticed more because you will be in many different environments and girls will check you out. So, you want yourself dressed everyday like you are out on a date.

17. Gain financial freedom and quit carrying credit cards. Don’t be stuck up in debt. If you don’t have the money to buy the next Iphone, don’t buy it. Period.

18. Develop healthy habits and stick to them. Habits such as early to bed and early to rise, not drinking soda, not eating junk food, etc.

19. Set up standards for yourself! know what you want in your future partner. Do you want her to be tall, curvy, thick, thin, goal oriented, not so goal oriented, whatever. Have your own standards, this helps you to filter out the women that you want and not chase everybody.

20. Get married. Yes. After 30, the life will be dull if you're single. Hairs would have been gone, face would be wrinkled, your 6 pack will be a family pack. Better, get a partner while you are still smart. 

21. Do not chase women! Make yourself the prize and you do this by staying on your purpose and looking good.

22. Learn about dating and relationships. As a man, you should never pick up the idea of relationship. it should always be the woman to bring up the topic of relationship, your job is to hangout, have fun and create opportunities to hook up.

23. Love yourself completely but don’t get too obsessed with yourself.

24. Do not put anyone on the pedestal.

25. Have the ability to live alone. Don’t be a looser looking for a companion or someone to cuddle with. You are a man!

Never settle!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

15 ways to be Happy in Life

Sometimes I’m happy as hell and I’m depressed. But in the end, I’ve realized that living a good life is a lot simpler than people try to make it out to be.

And here are my 
15 ways to be Happy in Life,

1. Sleep 9 Hours a Night

Pretty self-explanatory. You’ll become a better version of yourself, you'll look better, you'll be more productive, and be happier, less likely to suffer from obesity and chronic diseases. Remember, sleep is not a weakness but, a necessity. Get at least 7 hours a night and your life will change.

2. Be Happy Now!

Happiness is a choice (even though we think we have or not otherwise). So stop waiting to be happy and just decide to be instead. You can make the most out of a really terrible situation and learn to find experience and gratitude in the darkest times. Your life is much better than almost 99% of the human beings who lived on this planet before you.

So please be happy now.

3. Create Passive Income ASAP!

It’s about worth 10X working income than your 9-5 job. It gives the ultimate freedom in your life.  If you can build a website, or launch a product or write a book that generates $5,000 a month semi-automatically, your life will surely change.

4. Exercise Everyday

There’s no reason to go without exercise for even a day. You don’t have to go to the gym every day, but you can at least move. You’ll be happier, be more productive. Feel stronger, smarter (literally). 

It takes less than 30 minutes to get your heart a good pump-on and it can add years to your life. Remember, no excuses whatsoever.

5. Prioritize Peace in life > Money (But Money Also)

Money is great to have. But living a peaceful life is much better. Prioritize living a simple life and embrace minimalism. Make money, sure. But don’t make money at the expense of peace from your life.

6. Control consuming too much Sugar

It’s basically empty calories and has no nutritional value in it. A cookie here and there is ok, but the less of this crap you eat, the more you’ll be healthy and more effectively you’ll perform in life.

7. Do whatever you want to do

Life is too short to live for others. So your parents want you to be an Engineer? So what! They don’t have to live your life or sympathize your regrets.

Do what you want to do and remember that life is too short to follow other people’s dreams.

8. Only Take Advice From like-minded people

If someone doesn’t have the life that you want to live or at least a life that you’d want. Don’t take their advice. This includes me. If you want to be a billionaire or a mega-investor and rule the world, then don’t listen to a word I say. If you want to have a life of happiness, financial freedom, and a positive lifestyle, I might have a thing or two to tell you.

9. Travel More, Alone and Longer

You’ll never regret it. It will be the most transformative experience of your life, open your eyes to new ways of living, thinking, and being. 

If you get the opportunity to travel somewhere new, always say “Yes !!!” 
10. Have some Me Only time

Don’t get so caught up doing things, that you forget to make time for yourself.

Think about deep questions, ask yourself what you really want to do in life, figure out innovative solutions to your problems.

Make some time for deep thought and you’ll be amazed at how your life will change.

11. Stop Complaining

It never helps you, it pisses you off. It pisses off the people around you and makes you look less attractive.

Remind me again why you think it’s a good thing to bitch about traffic all the time, again and again, every day?

12. Stop Lying

To your friends, family, and most importantly, to You. Live in truth. Be authentic. Stop making crap up and pretending you’re ok to make other people happy. You can change your life only from a place of truth.

Be honest about your reality, desires, and obstacles and you’ll find that the solutions come easier.

13. Read as much as you Can

Never miss an opportunity to expand your mind and broaden your horizons of thoughts. Read about everything. Science, Psychology, Self-help, Business, History, Biographies, Non-fiction. Everything.

The more you read, the more well rounded you become, the better your life will be.

14. Be Nice with Yourself

You’re the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life. So try being nice with yourself. Watch out for the negative self-talk. Believe in yourself. Treat yourself with a lot of love and respect.

Before you do, or say, or pursue anything, ask yourself, “If a close friend was in this situation, how would I respond or what would I encourage him/her to do?”

15. Be nice to Everyone

Life is too short to yell at the customer support agents over a dispute. That poor girl/boy wasn’t the one who double charged your account, so don’t take it out on her/him.

Life has a funny way of reprimanding/manipulating mean people.

So be nice to people, is it Ok?

Hope this 15 ways to be Happy in Life help to you.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

5 Best tips to Prepare for a Job Interview


I cannot stress the importance of interview preparation too much! You only get one chance to prove to a potential employer why you’re the right candidate for the job. It’s imperative you walk into each and every interview with a premeditated plan for selling yourself. 

Unfortunately, too many well-qualified candidates fail to spend enough time on interview preparation and subsequently lose out on good offers. 

Plan ahead, so you're prepared to interview on short notice. It will be much less stressful than trying to get ready just before the interview, especially if you need to line up appropriate attire and juggle your schedule to get to the job interview.

When it comes to showing your skills and your worth in an interview, preparation is the only key. You have worked for hours over your resume, sent it out, and managed to line up some interviews. 

You're hopeful, confident, and optimistic. And still, you might be having a panic attack. 
Fear not! These tips will help you handle those fears and you will crack those interviews with confidence.

Here are 5 best tips to prepare for an interview,

Do Some Research

It demonstrates your enthusiasm for the career field, and more importantly, the organization. It allows you to be able to articulate how your skills, knowledge, and values match those of the organization and industry. It can help you answer the question, “Why do you want to work for us?”. 

It provides you with the foundation for thoughtful questions when asked. Spend some time reviewing available information about the company or organization hosting the interview. 

Visit their website to learn about their challenges and accomplishments. Review any press releases that they may have recently posted, and look for any articles that may have been published about the business.

Know yourself first

This is the most important thing before going to any interview. Interviewers typically ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. Spend some time on this before the interview. Identifying your three greatest achievements in life. 

To highlight your skills and capabilities, think of an example or personal anecdote for each that demonstrates how you embody these traits. If you don't have a work history to draw from, rely on incidents from your academic career.

Be professional

During the interview, be polite and attentive. And turn off your phone, don't just put it on silent. Constant vibrating can quickly become a distraction and derail the discussion. Wear an outfit that would be appropriate for the work environment, don't over-dress or don't be too casual. 

Show up early for the interview, and if for some unforeseeable reason you need to delay or reschedule, such as due to illness or your car breaking down let the interviewer know as soon as possible. 

If you dress professionally and present yourself well, Interviewer is more likely to see you as competent and capable of doing the job.

Practice interviewing

Don't just memorize answers. Instead, focus on answering the questions honestly, naturally and in a relaxed manner. If you haven't been to many interviews, ask a friend or classmate to help you get more comfortable with the process. 

Find a list of commonly asked interview questions online, and think about how you would answer them. Completing several practice interviews before your first real interview will help you avoid mistakes and improve your chances of getting hired.

Ask Questions if given a chance

Being well prepared for this section of the interview is just as important as preparing the technical and other components of the interview. Companies routinely evaluate hiring candidates on the level of enthusiasm and interest they show during interviews.

A little curiosity can go a long way in communicating your interest in the available position. Whatever questions that you decide to ask, the key point is that it is crucial to be prepared and to ask something. 

While the answer to “do you have any questions” may seem like a minor part of the interview, it is the last impression that you will leave before walking out the door or hanging up the phone so make sure that it is a good one.

Bonus tip,

Email a thank you note after the interview 

Although you should thank your interviewer in person for taking the time to interview you, it's a great idea to send a thank you email as well. As well as being good manners, taking the time to follow up reiterates your interest in the position.

All the Best for the Interview!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Profit in Business

               How Psychology Can Increase Your Profit !

Everyone wants to increase the profit of their business, everyone wants to make more money. But, most of the people don't know how to maximize their profits in order to make more money.

Everyone wants their business to be as big as the Big players like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon but nobody can even come close to a level of these companies.

Nobody knows that these Big players know very well what their consumers want?, What are their needs?, To what group of people a specific product should be targetted?

They have separate divisions, separate teams specially built to address these questions.

The sole reason for the success of these big companies is these companies know what they are doing, and what should be done in order to make more profit.

Another reason for their success is they never think in terms of making the profit only, but their only focus is to solve a specific problem that everyone faces and they provide the best solutions for those problems and automatically their business grows, reaches to more people, making them a lot of profit.

Let’s take an example of ‘Reliance Jio’,

Before Reliance launched Jio in the market, the cost of 1GB of the internet for 28 days was touching almost Rs. 200 in Mid 2016. But after Jio’s launch, the cost of 28GB of the internet for 28 days i.e. 1GB per day is now almost Rs. 150 in 2018.

What Reliance did was very simple. They identified the problem that all of us were facing provided a solution to that. Initially, they launched Jio on trial basis in which you can use the unlimited Internet with no cap on speed. This initial step by Reliance made their consumers get addicted to their high-speed internet service which was absolutely free.

People got addicted to it so much that they can’t resist themselves of using unlimited high-speed internet daily. Then Reliance once reached their target number of users, they regulated this internet service with a verrry low price, which everybody could afford and in addition to that, they also provided unlimited calling service.

Now, what we can learn from this example is, In order to increase profit in any business you have to know the psychology of consumers. You should know, what they want?/what they need?

By identifying these two things anybody can succeed in their businesses and make a huge profit out of it.

Sounds interesting?

Now, let’s jump to our main topic of ‘5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Profit in Business

Here are some quick and simple proven psychological tips you can use to increase your profit in the business,

1. Based on the consumers, increase the quantity/volume of products/services they're buying from you.
A good example of this is in a large multinational where you sell into one division or regional office and use this as a beachhead from which to expand,

2. You introduce new products/services to existing consumers that they will pay for.

Work on your vendor credibility and introduce a line or brand extension to replace an incumbent vendor. Oracle does this fantastically well, usually through acquisition. 

3. The Compromise Effect

The compromise effect states that consumers give preference to “median” products, or in psychological terms, it relies on the assumption of “extremeness aversion”. Given the choice between three different products, consumers are not likely to opt for the cheapest one because they assume that it is inferior in quality to the other two.

They will not choose the most expensive product either as they assume that this product has unnecessary non-essential features. They will, therefore, choose the median product because this type of product is likely to have an acceptable level of quality and will only contain the necessary features.

4. The Attraction Effect

To illustrate the attraction effect, let’s take the example of The Economist that implemented a decoy pricing method for its printed and digital editions.

The printed edition cost $150 a year, the digital edition cost $50 while the bundle containing both the printed and the digital editions also cost $150 just like the printed edition alone.

The printed edition sold on its own (without the digital version) can be viewed as a decoy pricing method aimed at encouraging consumers to buy the whole bundle.

5. Decoy pricing

Decoy pricing is a tactic that boosts sales of high-profit items by creating another version of the product solely to make the pricier versions seem economical by comparison. It forces people to compare the pricing options, and as a result sales of the more attractive higher-priced item will increase.

Decoy Pricing can also point the consumer to the medium-priced option when they see the cheapest version as inferior and the highest-priced version as too expensive for the likes of them – the middle option is a compromise between the cheapest and most expensive and they feel satisfied that they have the best deal because it offers them the best value.

Why are people "fooled" by Decoy Pricing?

Are we all losers or what? No, it's all to do with cognitive biases. These are the tendencies of our brains to think in certain ways, they are “unconscious” triggers that make different connections in our brain to help us make decisions that lead to systematic deviations from a standard of rationality or good judgment.


In order to increase profit out of a business, there are only a few things to keep in mind which are,

1. Know what you are doing?

2. Identify a specific problem in a particular field.

3. Provide a reasonable solution to the consumers and make a strategy to not let them go. (Try to make them addicted to your service like we have seen in Jio’s example but do keep in mind your solution must be useful to the consumers)

4. Consumers are often not capable of comparing products that are very different from each other and that have very distinct usage. However, they are usually able to compare products that are similar to each other and therefore to understand the differences that may exist in the closely-aligned items.

In other words, consumers prefer to make a rational choice which is a limited scope of products – the very essence of decoy pricing.