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Some Life Hacks for an Ongoing Computer Science Student

Some Life Hacks for an Ongoing Computer Science Student

At the start of the semester, I would always tell myself that I would stay up to date with all of my courses, that I would always do assignments a couple of days before the deadline, and that I would study material beforehand. 

Yet all those well-intended resolutions are always brought to naught by, well, simply bad habits.

Ironically in CS, it's all about efficiency. You got to be efficient in studying too, do the most amount of work in the least amount of time. So spend your time wisely. One of the most important things that uni teaches you is time management.

Now the major points that I think I did wrong (and still do) over the course of four years are the following:

-Paying attention in class, this is THE most important point. The more you understand in the lecture the less you'll have to study at home.

-Never start coding from scratch, it always helps when you first plan your code on a sheet of paper (it's like trying to write an essay without an outline, you'll just end up with a crap essay)

-Don't waste your time with losers. Seriously, some acquaintances just leech you of your time and solutions for the assignments. Try to find 2-3 good friends that are also passionate about programming or have similar interests.

-Use the internet. Youtube has a plethora of instructional and very useful videos that can make up for many a missed ( or bunked) lectures.

-Get plenty of sleep. This is one of my major problems. You simply won't work right when you're tired. Sleep for at least 6-7 hrs. 

Being a computer science student is quite easy but being an industry-ready computer science student is the tough one. So what could we do?
1. Learn Programming
I have seen tons of computer science students with absolute zero knowledge of programming. But it is very important that you master at least one language. In my case, it began with C/C++ then, HTML, CSS, Python. The list is enumerating, as in the last 4-5 years the demand was different and I am forced to learn it! But I must say it's really fun!
2. Stay updated
Read blogs, attending online webinars and workshops is very important. Everybody could pass the computer science courses taught in the class, but a very few know where to put this in action and how. Also, what is the latest updates with the language you are expertise is very important.
3. Participate in Hackathons or Programming contests
Computer science is all about falling in love with machines, talking to them and making them do the kinds of stuff you want. Hackathons and contests help you to build your ideas and make you learn a hell lot of stuff you have never used before.  
4. Internship
Please don’t do internships for money and office jobs (like Excel, PowerPoint, Meeting minutes taker roles). Internships are time to learn, network and absorb things from people who are influencers in the industry. Importantly, ask smarter questions and don’t ask the same question over and over. A good internship could change your perspective towards the industry to different levels.
5. Volunteer
Never wait for the right moment to be perfect! You will never be in that stage. Volunteering with communities like PyCharm, Mozilla, OpenSource could help you to learn more and organize technical workshops. The preparations you make for the workshops itself is an enormous learning experience and you already began mastery in that domain.
Wrapping up, if you are an aspiring computer engineer and if you haven’t build an application till now, it’s time to do it now! Or let us keep it simple, build a web page then a website , try building small application for desktop and web! Try Programming your ideas and you are in the race!


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