How do I motivate myself to study

Sunday, July 15, 2018

How do I motivate myself to study

It all comes down to only one single thing.

All you need to be motivated to study is, that one single reason,
One “WHY ?”, one big reason to study hard.
You got to have that one single reason in your life to study or do anything in your life.
Right now, I can proudly say that I’m a very successful Software Engineer.
Now some of you might say what’s the big deal in it ?
Well, from a very young age I was an average child, used to score average in school. Also not so good at sports. But later on, things got changed in my life.
I did well in my +2 and got admission in an Average Engineering College. In four years of engineering, I worked so hard. I focused on continuously improving myself. Eventually, I published a patent. Presented Research Papers at International conferences. I even build an IoT museum in my college where I developed around 10 projects out of which 5 are patented.
I even got placed in 2 Big MNCs. I am the only guy in my college who is placed in two Big Companies as a Software Engineer.
Not only academics but I actively participated and managed almost all the Technical and Non-Technical events at my college.
I know for many of you this might not sound very big, but yes This is something I can proudly say about myself.

To study hard you don’t need anything. Anybody can achieve great success, It doesn’t matter if you are a genius or an average guy or a below average guy.

Think about your parentsthink about your future, think about the possibilities if you try hard now and become successful in your life. Your parents work so hard to give you everything and to give them back in return, all you need to do is study hard now, focus on your goals, focus on learning new skills every day, use your time wisely, don’t waste it on chasing girls, relationships, partying.

I am not saying that you should only focus on studies and academics. But you should learn how to connect with people. How you should identify people which are good for your development. People who also have some goals in their lives. Who ought you to think, work hard, and help you to become successful?
Speaking about relationships, don’t take them very seriously you are very young to do so. Even if you have found one. Both you first focus on your careers. First become something, become financially stable first. Unless and until you become something in your life don’t make any commitments. Help each other in building your careers.

So wrapping it up, all you want to stay motivated to study is one single reason in your life which you have to find out. Be it anything, write it down on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you can’t take your eyes off while studying. Read it every day and remind yourself why you need to study. Do you really need anyone to motivate you for even doing this?