8 self-development strategies that will turn you into a beast

Monday, July 9, 2018

8 self-development strategies that will turn you into a beast


The ultimate goal of every human being is to grow up to be the greatest self. This desire to develop into a greater self certainly appears in each and every one of us, now or sometime later., but for sure.

What is the ‘Greatness’..?
Like the water from the ocean evaporating to become a dot of vapor and rising up to the sky to form a cloud, moved by the wind.. reaching over to some distant land somewhere, and at a right time falling down as a droplet of rain.., reaching the earth again, some making the soil wet for plants to grow.., some making the streams flow and quench thirst.., all flowing down the rivers, reaching the same ocean again.. for another round of the Cosmic Journey.., again and again.. Its a great Cosmic Mystery of the unknown.

It applies to all and everything. A soul becomes separated from the superconsciousness, travels from the vastness to minuteness.., becomes me and you.., enduring various experiences, making some smile.. some cry, some loose.. some gain.., again aspiring to return to the same vastness, being in this vicious cycle time and again, is a great eternal mystery..!

Who is the Greatest Self ?
The ultimate greatest self is the one who understands this great eternal mystery and becomes attuned to this everlasting Cosmic Journey.

How does one develop to become the greatest self..?
This is not so simple. But is not impossible either.. We are all born to develop this, if not now, surely sometime later..
Here is a list of 8 self-development strategies that one can follow to become the greatest self.

1. Accept life with all its splendor as it unfolds before you.

2. Be content with what nature has gifted you.., and conduct your duties in life with pure devotion.

3. Know well that you are here with specific responsibilities to clear your karma.. and do good to the mankind.. and therefore no looking back.

4. Refrain yourself from the six karmic negatives.., kama, krodha, moha, lobha, Madha, and Matsya.

5. Embrace the six karmic pleasures.. love, peace, detachment, forbearance, benevolence, endurance, charity.

6. Live for a cause. Make use of life to spread love and compassion all over.. Bring change in someone's life.

7. Fear, not death. Speak only the truth.

8. Learn to live every moment, performing your duties and adoring the creator.., and keep your bag packed.., for the call coming is anytime.

"Each one of us is a Greatest Self. We only have to recognize our true self. Earlier the better."



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