7 Things to Do When You're Feeling Depressed

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

7 Things to Do When You're Feeling Depressed

I'm sure that there are those days in everyone's life when we feel a little low, things which made us happy and excited no longer excite us at all because of depression. You don't want to do anything, just getting up and moving around begins to feel like a big task to you, and finding inspiration to get out of this situation begins to feel impossible and difficult.

Nothing seems to go right when you are depressed. You start to hate everything and everyone. You don't want to be around anyone rather you don't want anyone to be around you. The negative effects of these are, 
  • You don't enjoy your life.
  • You oversleep.
  • You over-eat.
  • You stop taking care of yourself.
  • Things start falling down in your life.
  • Basically, nothing ever seems to go right.
Well, lucky for us there are a ton of ways to make depression manageable-and the most important of which is by constantly motivating yourself and just ignoring the negative thoughts coming into your mind. 
Here are 7 quick things you can do to help you ease out of your depression and move onto a much happier path.

7 Things to do when you're feeling depressed, 

Prepare a goal sheet

Keeping track of the things you want to do in your life is extremely helpful when dealing with depression. Depression feels as you no longer have the inspiration or wish to reach your goals. In this phase, if you write down all the goals that you want to achieve on a sheet of paper, making sure that you will stick to them makes a huge impact on you.


When you workout, your body releases endorphins which makes you feel good and gives a sense of achievement to your brain. If you set aside just a few moments a day to exercise, it truly does make a difference. It is said that sweat heals the soul.

Reading a book

Reading can often sweep you off into your own world, and engage your mind. Self-help books and mystery novels have always proved to be my favorites – but when you’re down, sometimes a little romance novel or biographies of great people can get you back into the swing of things.


If you’re not present in your life, you’re less capable of being self-aware and making decisions that are good for you. Meditation is one way of getting you there, but it can also get in the way. Meditation is not an escape from your problems, but rather a reminder of what you really feel like — what you really think like, beyond all the illusions and judgments, infatuations and resentments.

Quit blaming

When you’re hurt, it is equally natural to look for someone to blame. Be responsible and don't blame others.

Force yourself to practice gratitude

It's hard to feel grateful when you've dealt a blow, however big or small it is you should always be grateful to the things that you have left with. There are people in this world who have bigger problems than yours but they are still happy with what they have.

Never Give Up !

No matter where you’re at or what you’re going through, don’t give up. Try just one more thing; maybe it’s just the thing that will resolve it for you.
It ain’t over until it’s over.

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"No matter how many setbacks you have in life, never stop trying, you never know what God has planned for you"



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