4 Steps To Improve Your Life Today

Saturday, July 21, 2018

4 Steps To Improve Your Life Today


To help you out in the quest of continual self-improvement I've come up with some steps, some ways, or strategies which will make staying on track easier for you. 

Frankly speaking, in order to succeed in life, you have to be consistent each and every day. So, start small but be consistent. As humans, we overestimate how much we can actually accomplish, especially when we’re in unfamiliar territory like habit change. Plans are simple and reality is complex.

See, life is never straightforward. When it gets in way People tend to get demotivated and say, "Screw It ! I don't want to do it..."

So, to avoid this to happen, here are 4 steps to improve your life today !

1. Find your "WHY ?"

Always remember, unless and until you have a strong reason to do anything in your life nobody can stop you from doing it. Find your reason to improve yourself. 

Be it, You want to those 6 pack abs on your body, You want to become a kick-ass programmer, You want to buy a house on your own, You have a great idea and you want to convert that to a successful start-up, etc. 

To know the importance of WHY ? in your life, do read my previous post on Motivation to study.

2. Break the Norm

Let's assume you have found your WHY ?.

Now that you are clear why you want to improve your life, but you don't have a proper path, you don't know how are you going to do it. For this try different things. Figure out what are you good at. Make a note of everything you try.  Try to analyze yourself.

If you usually get up and check your phone, instead get up and relax for five minutes to start the day fresh. If you usually check your email first thing when you get to the office, instead try spending an hour working on your big task for the day first.

3. Create Something

Remember ? When you were a kid, you used to create anything you like from Scratch. Now, you’re adult. What happened ?
Paint or draw anything you want. Construct a garden. Bake a cake. Compose music. Develop an app. Write a poem or a book. Or maybe invent the time machine so we can time travel and clean humanity’s shit. Who knows ? When you create something, you explore and learn new things. It gets you out of your comfort zone. But what if you don’t have time?

Minimize social media, minimize gossips, minimize watching TV, minimize video games, and minimize unnecessary things and people from your life. 

Now you have more time.

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to share your creations. Some people might need it. And who knows, it might save their lives. And you might change the world as well.

4. Stay Curious, Be Open-Minded

Why Everyone wants to be the Best ? (Even I don't know :p)
Who's first Egg or Hen ?
Who created the World or let's say Universe ?
What if you die after you die ? :p

If I want to know something which I don't know, I google it out, Thank you so much Internet !

But, what if Google doesn't know it ? Get up, Get Out, Find those people who can help you out with your curiosities. Connect with them. Share your doubts, your fears, your what ifs.

The goal isn’t to find answers but to spark meaningful conversations. It doesn’t only help you learn and become better, also expands your circle of good friends.

Ask (the right) questions and explore different point of views. Follow your curiosities. See where it takes you.

Apart from these, you can do any of the followings,

  • Reduce sugar intake. Try your best to avoid refined sugar, opt for an optimal amount of fruits.
  • Under promise, over deliver in business, in relationships.
  • Write. Make it a habit of writing 300 to 500 words a day. It can be daily, blog post, or a Quora answer.
  • Get enough sleep. Many decide to sacrifice sleep for success, but sleep deprivation actually makes us stupid. Most people can perform even better if they were properly rested.
  • Take a deep breath. Do this every morning. And every time you feel stress and anxiety.
  • Make a to-do list. Don’t make a long list. Instead, write down only THREE most important things you need to get done today. Remember, important, not urgent.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that try to get up early, meditate, exercise and be open to constructive criticisms.


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