21 Amazing Psychology Facts that will blow your mind

Saturday, July 7, 2018

21 Amazing Psychology Facts that will blow your mind


Psychology about humans can amaze anyone. You can use it to know more about how people behave. So here are 21 amazing psychology facts that will blow your mind.

  1. Being alone helps you to see the loneliness of others.
  2. People who lose their virginity late have a higher income higher education and a more healthy relationship later in life than those who lose their virginity earlier.
  3. While negotiating with someone leave your hands and palms visible, this is the sign of trustworthiness.
  4. If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer just wait and stay silent, they will usually continue talking.
  5. Getting someone to do a favor for you makes them like you more.
  6. Keep an eye on people’s feet When talking with someone you can figure out if they are interested in the conversation by looking at their feet If they are aimed at you, they are listening, but if they are aiming elsewhere, they rather want to leave the conversation.
  7. People get more happiness by spending money on others rather than themselves (I’m sure you are thinking of throwing a party today).
  8. The secret of good sleep is to convince your brain that you had a good sleep (Now, all you need to know is how to convince your brain :P).
  9. Most people text faster when its someone they like.
  10. If you didn't move for 15 minutes, you will fall asleep.
  11. The people who prefer window seat in every transport like to be alone during the travel.
  12. Doing things that scare you will make you happier.
  13. Marrying your best friend eliminates the risk of divorce by over 95%, and this marriage is more likely to last a lifetime.
  14. Even The Illusion Of Progress Is Motivating.
  15. Music impacts your perspective.
  16. Our brain automatically associates smiling with happiness If we force to smile, our brain will assume we are happy.
  17. A smile relieves stress. Our body releases endorphins when we smile, even when we force it.
  18. People can recognize smile from up to 300 feet away, making it the most recognizable facial expression.
  19. Humans can’t multi-task.
  20. People are more likely to return a lost wallet if they find a baby picture inside of it!.
  21. Your mind can sense someone staring at you even when asleep!.

These are 21 psychological facts about humans. This will be really helpful for you to know about, how we behave and how psychology plays an important in our lives.



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